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How to adjust the sound on your OLED TV

    Voices are difficult to hear.
    Sound is uneven.
    Sound is high-pitched and loud.
    The bass sound level is too low or too high. 

    For sound-related issues, if any of the issues in the following table occurs, adjust the equalizer setting according to the corrective action.

     issues troubleshooting
     Voices are difficult to hear. Adjust the 125 Hz and 250Hz equalizer.
     Sound is uneven. Lower the 125 Hz equalizer.
     Sound is high-pitched and loud.
    1. Raise the 125 Hz equalizer.
    2. Lower the 2 KHz/4 KHz/8 KHz equalizers.
     The bass sound level is too low or too high. Adjust the 125 Hz equalizer.

    How to set the equalizer:

    1. Press the ACTION MENU button on the remote control.
    2. Select Sound.
    3. Select Advanced settings.
    4. Select Sound mode related.
    5. Select Equaliser.