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Frequently asked questions related to the use of the Smart B-Trainer

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This article discusses some frequently asked questions related to the use of your Smart B-Trainer as an electronics device, its features and more.


Transferring songs to the Smart B-Trainer (Windows & Mac OS)
Can the features/service be used using the app alone?
A message stating that a new software is available for the device appears every time I run the app.
What is the Register device option in the menu?
What kind of audio files can be played back on the Smart B-Trainer?
What is the difference between the GPS settings (On/Battery Saving/Off)?


How do I measure my heart rate?
I want to play back all the songs on my device while training.
The same songs are selected during training. How can I play back more songs?


What happens to the training log data stored in the device when it is transferred to the app?
Can I back up training log data that was transferred to the app?

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