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The same songs are selected during training. How can I play back more songs?

    The Smart B-Trainer automatically selects and plays back songs with a tempo (BPM: beats per minute) that matches the selected training plan and your current heart rate.

    By transferring more songs with different BPMs (1), you will be able to listen to more varied songs while training. You can also manually change the intensity of the training (2) in order for the device to play songs with a different tempo.

    NOTE: The exercise intensity can be changed while training for basic training plans.

    1. Transfer various songs with different BPMs, to correspond to different training intensity levels.

      In order to play back songs while training, tempo (BPM) information of the songs is needed.
      Use Media Go to transfer songs or select "Device Information" > "Retrieve song information" from the app's menu.

      How to check the BPM levels of songs stored in the sport device

      Open Media Go and select "Smart B-Trainer SSE-BTR1" > "Music".
      All of the songs stored in the device are displayed in the list, where you can check "BPM" and "Tempo" information.

      BPM & Tempo

      If "BPM" or "Tempo" are not listed as a header field, right-click a header, select "More...", and tick the "BPM" and "Tempo" boxes for them to be displayed as column headers.
    2. Change the exercise intensity (tempo) and change the songs that are played back.

      You can change the training exercise intensity by pressing and holding the Change intensity button of the sport device for two seconds.

      However, note that if there are no songs stored for the corresponding exercise intensity level (tempo), the intensity level will not be changed.