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How to wear the Smart B-Trainer?

    The Smart B-Trainer comes with several, different size attachments to provide a perfect fit for everyone. As the shape of the ears is different for each person, the device may not fit properly or may not measure your heart rate correctly right out-of-the-box.

    How to properly wear the Smart B-Trainer

    1. Place the device so that it wraps around the back of your head and ears.

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    2. Make sure the sensor (protruding part) of the ear piece is firmly fitted in the ear, facing the ear canal. If it is not fit well, lightly stretch your ear lobes to get a tighter fit.

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    3. After fitting the ear piece in place, adjust the sensor so that it reaches the bottom of the ear and tilt the sport device upwards, while lightly pressing on it.

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    4. Use the adjustment band to reduce the distance between the sport device and your ear or head as much as possible.

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    5. Look in a mirror and check if it is fitted correctly. The 2 headphone pieces of the device should be horizontal when standing upright.

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    If you struggle to fit the Smart B-Trainer properly while following the above procedure, try changing the ear piece and heart adjustment cover to a different size. They both are initially fit with the M size - try a size above or below, according to what you think is needed.

    To make sure that the sport device is fit properly, open the "Measuring your heart rate" screen in the app and check if the sport device can measure your heart rate. If your heart rate cannot be measured, the fitting was probably made improperly, or the size of the attachments was not right for you.