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How to disable the TalkBack function when the screen is dim

    TalkBack is a service that helps visually impaired people, by using audible prompts to guide users to their intended choice/icon. You can turn off the TalkBack function by following these steps:

    1. Press Home button on remote.
    2. Press (Down arrow) several times, and select Settings.
    3. Press (Down arrow) twice.
    4. Press (Right arrow) several times, and select Accessibility.
    5. Press (Down arrow) once, and select Services.
    6. Press (Down arrow) once, and select Talkback on.
    7. Select State on, a voice will say on.
    8. Press (Down arrow) once, then a voice will say off.
    9. Press Enter, then a voice will say OK.
    10. Press Enter.

    NOTE: This issue does not occur when TalkBack is updated to ver 4.1 or later from the Google Play Store.