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Screen Reader

    For more details, check the Applicable Products and Categories section and refer to the Which version of the Android™ OS is installed on my Android TV™? article.

    The Screen reader works by vocalizing information on the TV screen, such as the program guide and setting screen. In order to use the screen reader function, an internet connection is necessary.

    Activating the Screen reader from the Settings screen

    Stopping (deactivating) the Screen reader from the Settings screen

    Changing the language

    Changing the speech rate


    • The screen reader function only reads text that you can focus or highlight.
    • The screen reader function is available only for some countries and languages.
    • Whether an app is available with the Screen reader function depends on the app.
    • As of February 2020, the YouTube™ streaming service is available with the Screen reader function. This specification may change without notice.
    • Only models released in the United States support verbal descriptions for channel changing.
    • For eARC supported models, when Screen reader is activated, eARC mode will be set to Off
    • The Accessibility shortcut function can switch to either enable or disable the Screen reader. Refer to the Accessibility shortcut article for applicable products.