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Welcome to Android™ 9 Pie (applicable 2018 TV models)

    This page introduces key features found in the latest Android operating system. Please note, this page is only applicable for the AF9 and ZF9 Series.

    Dolby Atmos: Android-P Dolby Atmos: Android-P

    Redesigned Quick Settings and Streamlined Settings Menus

    Quickly access the Quick settings menu directly via the ACTION MENU button on the remote control. Also, add or remove apps to your choosing. 
    Streamlined settings: All Settings options are now under seven categories, making it easier to find what you want.

    Support Apple AirPlay / HomeKit

    With Apple AirPlay, you can stream movies, music, games, and photos to your television right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

    Integrated Dolby Atmos support via the TV’s built-in speakers

    You can now experience Dolby Atmos in native audio directly from the TV.
    In addition, Sound mode compatible models will switch to Dolby Audio automatically, so that you can enjoy content with Dolby Atmos.

    Additional benefits

    Menu and Interface changes

    New features

    Other changes

    Feature no longer supported


    Menu and Interface changes

    Streamlined Settings menu

    All Settings options are now grouped under seven categories.

    • Watching TV: Broadcast settings such as channel setup, recording, subtitles, parental control, Cable/Satellite box (IR Blaster compatible models only) etc.
    • Display & Sound: Settings for picture and sound adjustments
    • Network & Internet: Settings for Internet and home network connections
    • Accounts & Sign In: Google account settings
    • Apps: Settings for apps
    • Device Preferences: Other device settings such as date & time, language, accessibility, Chromecast built-in etc.
    • Remotes & Accessories: Settings for the remote control and Bluetooth device connections

    Suggestions are also added to configure settings that were skipped in the initial setup.

    Smoother transition to the channel list and full TV Guide

    Pressing the TV button on the remote control now presents the TV Menu channel list.

    When you select TV control at the lower left-hand corner of the TV Menu, functions available while you are watching TV will be displayed, such as Picture-in-picture and Add to Favorite.

    You can press the (Down) button on the remote control to display the program guide, and the (Up) button to return to the TV menu. While in the program guide, you can still see the show you were watching in the small screen that appears.

    Improved IR blaster settings (IR blaster-compatible models only)

    The name IR Blaster setup has been changed to Cable/Satellite box setup.
    To access the operation menu for the cable/satellite box (set-top box), you now need to press the TV button on the remote instead of the ACTION MENU button. If the cable/satellite box (set-top box) is set using Channel lineup setup in Cable/Satellite box setupLive TV will be displayed, and a list of programs you can watch now will be displayed when you select Live TV.

    In addition, if you perform Cable/Satellite box setup for UK models, you will be able to use the REC button on the remote control to record input from configured devices, and the TITLE LIST button to display the Recording Title List.

    Reconfigured HDMI IN operation menu 

    To access Home (Menu)Options, and Picture-in-picture, you now need to press the DISPLAY (EU/PA:   (Info)) button on the remote instead of the ACTION MENU button.
    Picture-in-picture has been changed to  (Picture-in-picture) icon.

    Improved Recording Title List functions

    Delete and Protect for recording titles, which were displayed when the ACTION MENU button on the remote control was pressed, are now performed by using  (Delete) on the Recording Title List and the colour buttons.

    Adds Restart menu

    The Restart menu is displayed on TV screen by pressing and holding the Power button on the TV remote control for a few seconds.

     Inputs menu is now customisable 

    In addition to the TV and HDMI connected devices, you can now select USB drives from the new menu. You can also add new apps and reorder the position of frequently viewed apps. 

    New features

    Video/Album/Music apps combined into the Media Player app

    Videos, photos, and music can now be viewed as a list in the Media Player app.


    Support for HEVC 100/120Hz

    Supports HEVC 100/120Hz format for USB video playback.

    Other changes

    Updated icons on the Home screen

    The design of some icons has changed, and the Timer icon has been added to the upper right of the Home screen.

    Additional built-in Mic functionality

    Selection of the mic icon on Home and other screens now uses the built-in MIC instead of the mic on the remote control.

    Illumination LED illustrates when "Ok Google" detection is activated, in the built-in Mic, when the TV is on and in Standby mode

    Illumination LED blinking (Yellow), which occurs when “Ok Google” is detected on the built-in MIC, now occurs not only during standby mode but also when the TV is on.

    Addition of Pass-Through mode

    Pass-Through mode can output compressed audio to audio systems & Sound Bars.
    NOTE: When Pass through mode is set, sounds such as TV key tones or voice responses may not be output, or the voice recognition feature of the built-in MIC may be less efficient.

    Preferred Satellite option shows providers' names

    The items that were displayed as Preferred Satellite on the TV Menu have been changed to the carriers' names for easier identification.

    Feature no longer supported

    Teletext fixed display feature removed

    The  (Text hold) feature, which was performed by pressing the  (INPUT) button on the remote control while Teletext is displayed, has been removed.

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