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Firmware update: Welcome to Android™ 9 Pie for Sony’s 2018-2019 TVs (AF9, ZF9, AG9, ZG9, XG85/XG87 and XG95 Series) - Starting on 11th December 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Android™ 9 Pie, will start rolling out gradually to Internet-connected applicable TVs from 11th December 2019. 

    This firmware will gradually roll out during the holiday period and into the new year. The actual date you may receive the automatic update depends on your model and country – ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months. 

    In a first phase, this update will be released directly to eligible LCD models (ZF9, ZG9, XG85/XG87 and XG95 series). Our BRAVIA OLED Master Series models (AF9 and AG9 series) will receive this update in the second stage, in early 2020. 

    To be kept informed on the release date for AF9 and AG9 series models, please bookmark this page. Alternatively, install our Support by Sony mobile app to be actively notified when updated information is made available.

    This update introduces Android™ 9 Pie, providing key features and enhancing the TV’s performance and compatibility standards, while also improving on the existing functionalities:

    • Apple AirPlay / HomeKit* are now supported
    • Integrated Dolby Atmos support via the TV’s built-in speakers
    • Redesigned Quick Settings and streamlined Settings menus
    • Resolves Netflix ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K or Dolby Vision playback issues when connected to A2DP Bluetooth headphones
    • Resolves sound issues when playing specific audio formats via ARC, and improves overall compatibility with certain ARC devices

    NOTE: For the full list of features and benefits, please go to our dedicated Android 9 Pie introductory page(s):

    The recommended way to receive this update is by ensuring that the Automatic software download setting on your TV is turned ON. Your TV should then receive the update automatically, in the coming weeks or months.

    Sony always takes customer feedback into consideration, striving for innovation and overall product quality.

    [Applicable TV model series]

    • Sony’s 2018 Android TVs: AF9 and ZF9 Series 
    • Sony’s 2019 Android TVs: AG9, ZG9, XG85/XG87 and XG95 Series

    Unsure which TV series your model belongs to? Here are some examples:

    • KD-65AF9
    • KD-65ZF9
    • KD-55AG9
    • KD-55XG8505
    • KD-85ZG9

    *iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPlay and HomeKit are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.