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Using hands-free Voice Search (only for TVs with built-in MICs)

    You can search for content or operate the TV hands-free when “Ok Google” detection setting is enabled.
    Whether the TV supports built-in MIC varies depending on your region or language.


    Enabling/disabling the built-in MIC

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote control, then select  (Settings).
    2. Select Google.
    3. Select “Ok Google” detection.

    You can also set the built-in MIC when you press the (MIC) button on the remote control or select the (MIC).


    Using the built-in MIC

    When you face the TV and say “Ok Google”, you can use the following features hands-free.

    • Voice search
    • TV operation

    You can also use the built-in MIC when the TV is in standby.*1
    When you face the TV and say “Ok Google”, the TV’s illumination LED lights up in yellow. During that time, you can face the TV and speak to do things such as ask about the weather forecast, or you can also turn on the TV.
    When the built-in MIC is enabled, the TV’s LED indicator stays lit up in amber.

    *1This function will be available once the application is ready.

    To turn off this indicator, perform the following procedure.

    1. From the Home menu, select (Settings).
    2. Select LED indicator.
    3. Disable Built-in MIC LED.

    If the TV supports Google Assistant, you can ask Google Assistant hands-free.
    For details, please refer to: Supported countries/regions/languages and how to use the Google Assistant

    NOTE: The Google Assistant or voice search with the built-in MIC requires an Internet connection.


    *Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.