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Information on Wireless Noise-Canceling Sports Headphones WF-SP700N

    How do I get started with using my Headphones?
    A: Learn how to use and set-up Sony's SP700N Sports Headphones with this video:

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    Is the phone call feature supported on both the left and right units?
    The ringtone and incoming audio can only be heard from the left unit.
    You can accept or end a call by pressing the button on either the left or right unit.


    Can the noise canceling effect be altered manually?
    The headset has only one noise canceling mode.
    You can switch the function between noise canceling mode, ambient sound mode, and off by pressing the left unit button.
    In addition, the ambient sound mode can be changed (normal/voice modes) using the "Sony | Headphones Connect" app.


    The wind noise is too loud.
    If you turn the ambient sound mode on, the wind noise may sound louder depending on your surroundings. In this case, use the "Sony | Headphones Connect" app to change the setting from normal mode to voice mode.
    If the wind noise is still too loud, turn the ambient sound mode off.


    The headset does not fit into the charging case.
    Check that the left/right units of the headset and the arc supporter are facing the correct direction.


    Does the headset power off automatically?
    If pairing is not completed within 5 minutes, the headset disables pairing mode and powers off.
    If there is no charge remaining in the rechargeable battery, an alarm sounds and Voice Guidance says "Please recharge headset", and then the headset automatically powers off.


    What service is provided if the headset or charging case are lost or require repair?
    There is a service to replace or repair the left or right units of the headset or the units of the charging case.


    Why are the left and right units of the headset and the charging case required to use this service?
    There is pairing information between the left and right headsets and the charging case (NFC), and this information requires setting through this service.


    How do I reset the Headset?
    If your headphones malfunctions, this video shows you how to RESET your headphones. If that doesn't resolve the issue, the second method is to perform FACTORY RESET on your headphones..

    Learn how to turn captions on or off when watching Internet videos from YouTube