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Information on Wireless Noise-Canceling Sports Headphones WF-SP700N

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  • Is the phone call feature supported on both the left and right units?

The ringtone and incoming audio can only be heard from the left unit.
You can accept or end a call by pressing the button on either the left or right unit.


  • Can the noise cancelling effect be manually changed?

Only one Noise canceling mode is available. Press the button on the left headphone to switch between Noise canceling mode, Ambient Sound mode, and Off. Use the Headphones Connect app to switch the Ambient Sound mode from Normal to Voice mode.

WFSP700N left button


  • The wind noise is too loud

Wind noise may increase if the headphones are set to Normal Ambient Sound mode. To reduce wind noise, set the Ambient Sound mode to Voice with the Headphones Connect app.
If the wind noise is still too loud, press the button on the left headphone to set the Ambient Sound mode to Off.


  • The headset does not fit into the charging case.

Make sure that the left and right units of the headset and the arc supporter are facing the correct direction.


  • Does the headset power off automatically?

If pairing isn't completed within 5 minutes, pairing mode is cancelled and the headphones power off. If no charge remains in the rechargeable battery, an alarm sounds and Voice Guidance says Please recharge headset and the headphones automatically power off.


  • Can I replace my lost headphones or charging case?

Our authorized repair centres can replace a lost left or right headphone or the charging case. Send the remaining items to the repair centre for programming with the replacement item. This is necessary because the replacement item(s) need to be paired with the remaining items for the system to properly function.