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Which file types are supported for home network and USB playback?

    NOTE: Supported file formats may be changed by update. To check the latest information, perform the procedure below.

    For Android TV:
    Check the following FAQ
    What file formats are supported by the Album, Music, and Video apps?  

    For recent LCD models (2012 and beyond):
    Check Help Guide

    For recent models, compatibility info can easily be found in the Help Guide. Access the website below and check the Help Guide of your TV by following the steps below.
    Model Help Guides

    NOTE: The screen displays and options used in following steps is an example and may be different from the actual situation.

    1. Click the model name of your TV.
      NOTE: For how to check the model name of your TV, refer to How to check the model name of your TV below.
    2. Click the Help Guide (sometimes called iManual) in the item of Manuals.
    3. After opening Help Guide or iManual, click Using Other devices.

    4. Click the Playable file formats (DLNA, USB).

    5. Click Codec list.

    6. Look in the Extension column to find all compatible file types. Compatibility is for both USB and home network, unless indicated differently.



    • In case no Help Guide in HTML is available but only an Instruction manual or Operation Manual in PDF. Under Navigating through Home menu, look for Media > Playing back Photo/Music/Video via USB.
    • 4K video resolutions are not supported via home network.
    • Photo RAW files are only supported from USB input.
    • Music LPCM files are only supported via home network.

    For Older models (2011 and before):
    Check compatibility via a table link

    For older TVs, you can always refer to a compatibility table by clicking the applicable model name below.


    • Only take into account the last five digits of the model name. A large "X" is part of the model name, a small "x" represents any arbitrary number or letter. For example: EX72x can stand for KDL-37EX723, KDL-37EX725, KDL-46EX720 or KDL-46EX723.
    • How to check the model name of your TV
      You can find the model name of your TV in two different locations.
      • Small black label at the lower right side of the TV (when in front of the TV screen) below the operation butttons. Look for MODEL NO. A model typically starts with KDL-.
      • In the TV System Information screen. To access this info, follow the steps below.
        1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
        2. Select Settings.
        3. Select Product Support.
        4. Select System Information.
        5. Select Model Number.
    • The file extensions can be found in the EXTENSION column in each table. "Y" means that the file type is compatible, "-" means it is not compatible.

    BX32x, BX420, CX32D, EX310, EX410, NX520

    CX52x, EX32x, EX42x, EX52x, EX72x, HX72x, HX82x, HX92x, NX72x

    BX300, BX400, EX30x, EX401, EX402, EX600, NX500 (Not DLNA compatible, only USB)

    EX403, EX50x, EX603, EX605, EX70x, EX71x, HX70x, HX80x, HX90x, LX90x, NX503, NX70x, NX71x, NX80x, NX81x, PX300