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I have an issue displaying home network content

    There may be many different reasons why you cannot correctly display home network content. Some common reasons are listed below together with a solution.

    My TV cannot connect to any server / No photo, music, or video files are displayed


    • If you cannot see any devices or files, you may need to scan for the home network devices which are connected to your BRAVIA TV.

      Press HOME on the remote commander > Go to Settings > Network Settings > Server Display Settings. Then, on the remote, press Options and select Update list. Icons of each home network server device will appear in the TV Home menu when found, and the files can be found under each menu icon for Photo, Music or Video.
    • Run “Server Diagnostics”

      Press HOME on the remote commander > Select Settings > Network > Home Network Setup > Server Diagnostics.
      The diagnostic result list appears when the server diagnostic is complete. The message given may help you to solve your problem.
    • When using a PC as the server:
    • Check if the PC is turned on. Do not turn off the PC while accessing it.
    • If the PC has security software installed, make sure to allow connections from external devices. For details, refer to the manual supplied with your security software.
    • Stop the server application and restart it if the server is experiencing instability. If the server remains unstable, restart the PC.
    • Reduce the number of applications running on the PC; the server may be overloaded.
    • Reduce the amount of content; the server may be overloaded.


    Playback quality is disappointing



    • If you want to be able to stream multiple HD videos, we recommend using at least a 200 Mbps network for better performance.
    • When using Ethernet cables we recommend Cat5e over a Cat5 cable as this may enable your network to achieve higher speeds.

    Playback of files that should be compatible is not possible


    • In certain cases, playback may not be possible even when using the supported formats. A file may, for example, be converted before transfer.
    • For 3D-compatible models, displaying a 3D Sweep Panorama photo via a home network-certified media server is not available.


    Why can’t I see specific files and folder names?


    • File and folder names are only supported in English. Avoid strange characters. Try renaming a file and share it again with your BRAVIA TV.
    • The accessible file or folder limit in a directory is 30,000 for a home network-certified media server. This limit includes non-supported files or folders.

    My home network certified server device is listed on my TV but the files are inaccessible

    Your BRAVIA TV or other home network devices may have lost connection with the router. Check your cables or connections. To check if your home network device is communicating properly with your TV you can also run a diagnostics check, as described higher up in this article.

    When using the renderer function, music files cannot be played back

    Some applications display a photo file pre-installed in the PC simultaneously with music playback when using the renderer function. Depending on the pre-installed photo file, music playback may not be possible but may become possible by changing the photo file.

    Not found a solution for your problem? Try below troubleshooting

    A TV repair in case of home network issues is very unlikely. Please try further troubleshooting via below articles.

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    How to set up a home network server to share photos, music and movies in all your rooms?

    There may be many different reasons why you cannot correctly display content via the home network.
    NOTE: On the TV models Other than Android TV™, the term "home network" is also known as DLNA.