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Sony’s Android TV update process and differences in firmware depending on country / region

    Sony's Android TV update process

    The architectural design for Sony's Android TV is constantly evolving and incorporates a multi-layered approach. Due to its unique and complex ecosystem, technical issues may occur. Android TV, like any device that works with an operating system (smartphone, tablets, PC, etc.), requires updates to improve the stability, functionality and usability. Our firmware updates are designed to mitigate any issues that arise, and provide these improvements.

    Differences in firmware depending on country and region

    Also, a firmware update for an Sony's Android TV released in Europe is not comparable to a firmware update in another region such as the U.S. Due to significant differences in regulations and broadcasting standards, there is no one-to-one relation. For example, two firmware packages with the same number will not always share the same features, functions or services.

    We strongly recommend you keep your system updated with the latest firmware , for your specific country, and use our support website for further news.