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How do I perform a factory reset on Sony's Android TV?

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IMPORTANT: Performing a factory reset will wipe all of your data and settings on your TV.

Please use the following steps if you would like to perform a factory reset on Sony's Android TV:

  1. Press the HOME button to enter the home screen.

    Android - Home screen
  2. Using your standard remote control, press the down arrow button and navigate down the media shelves until you reach Settings.

    Android - Settings
  3. On the TV shelf, scroll to the right using the right arrow button until you reach Storage & reset.

    Android - Storage and reset
  4. Navigate down using the down arrow button to Factory data reset.

    Android - Factory data reset
  5. Then select Erase everything.

    Android - Erase everything  


We recommend creating a backup of your channel list onto a USB stick. This will allow you to easily restore your channel list after performing a factory reset. The following steps detail how to back up your channel list:

  1. Save you channel list by exporting the data onto an empty USB stick
  2. Perform a factory reset
  3. Insert the USB stick with your channel list into your TV
  4. Import your channel list back onto your TV


  • The factory reset may take a few moments. Please wait until your're informed that the process has been completed 
  • If you had set a PIN-code on your TV, you will be asked to enter this PIN-code when you select the option "Erase everything"  
  • After the Factory Reset process completes successfully, your TV proceeds into the Initial Setup wizard. You will need to agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy
  • The Touchpad pairing sequence will have to be activated again after a factory reset. The following FAQ explains the steps you should take if you cannot use your Touchpad remote .
  • The screenshots provided here are for reference only. The actual screen might differ slightly according to your country, model or firmware version

You can also perform a (soft) RESET by using the following procedure:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the remote until the "Power off" message appears/ is displayed (approx. 5 seconds)
  • Release the Power button when "Power off" message appears on-screen
  • The TV will then turn itself off. Wait for a minute before turning it on again

IMPORTANT: Performing a (soft) reset does not erase your settings or downloaded apps; it just resets the TV's software.