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Nothing is displayed on the monitor.

    Check the monitor display settings.

    • Models with a LIVE VIEW/OVF switch
      Confirm that the switch is not set to OVF.
      If the switch is set to OVF, set it to LIVE VIEW.

    • Models with a FINDER/MONITOR (LCD) switching button
      Press the switching button and check if the display appears on the monitor.

      NOTE: If you turn the camera off with the display mode switched to Viewfinder, the camera will stay in this mode when you turn it back on.

    • Models other than the above

      NOTE: Some functions may not be available depending on the model unit.

      1. While looking into the viewfinder, check the FINDER/MONITOR setting on the menu.
      2. Press the DISP (Display Setting) button on top of the control wheel to check if the monitor turns on.
      3. Remove the check mark from Monitor Off under MENU -> DISP Button -> Monitor.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.