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How to check the Internet status when the Blu-ray Disc player connection failed?

    IMPORTANT: This article only applies to Sony products that have Internet capabilities. If model-specific information is needed to complete the steps below, refer to the supplied operations manual.

    NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the network status on the unit after completing each step.

    1. Make sure the modem and router are connected to the Internet by using a computer and viewing different websites.

      NOTE: If the computer or other Internet devices cannot connect to the network, the issue might be with the Internet service. Contact Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance

    2. If using a wired Ethernet connection, try connecting the Ethernet cable to a different LAN port on the router.
    3. If a secured wireless network is being used, make sure that the security key passphrase is entered correctly.


    4. Make sure an IP address is shown. If the IP address flashes or starts with 169, the product has obtained an incorrect IP address. In this case, manually set an IP address.
    5. If no IP address is showing, power reset the Sony product and network equipment -cable modem and router- by unplugging the power cords for 30 seconds.
    6. Make sure that the Internet speed meets the minimum recommended specification of 2.5Mb for standard definition (SD) content and 10Mb for High Definition (HD) content.
    7. Make sure the Sony product has the latest system software update installed: How do I install firmware updates for my player?
    8. If the problem exists, reset the unit to factory settings.


    For details on how to reset the device to factory settings, refer to the operating instructions that came with the Sony product.

    This error can be caused by other factors such as below:

    • Dial-up Internet service is not supported.
    • Proxy connections are not supported.
    • Networks that require a log in for authentication such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a PPoE are not supported.
    • Firewall settings of the router may need to be disabled, refer to your ISP for further assistance.