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Unable to get the Blu-ray Disc Player or Network Media Player to communicate with the Internet.

    If you cannot view Internet contents with the Blu-ray Disc Player or Network Media Players, attempt the following procedure.

    NOTE:Not all Blu-ray Disc Players or Network Media Players are supplied with wireless capabilities. To see if your player has wireless Internet functionality, check the specifications supplied with the unit.

    1. Check whether other devices work properly in your Internet environment.

      • Connection is not available on any device. ・・・STEP 2
      • Connection is only unavailable on the Blu-ray Disc Player. ・・・STEP 3

    2. Check your modem/router’s settings.

      1. Check wiring.
      2. Turn your modem/router off and then on again.
      3. Reset Internet settings.
      4. If the issue persists, contact the distributor or provider of your modem/router.

    3. Turn off the Blu-ray Disc Player or Network Media Players and unplug it, wait 2 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.

    4. Set your network connection settings.