Sony Introduces its Latest Premium Smartphone Xperia 5 V

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  • Includes the latest camera sensor technology to capture subjects impressively at any time of the day or night
  • Exceptional display, front-stage stereo speakers and advanced audio technologies
  • Compact size with a long battery that remains more than 50% after using actively all day long

1st September 2023

Sony introduces the premium smartphone, Xperia 5 V, equipped with the latest camera sensor "Exmor T for mobile", which offers a perfect point and shoot that makes every shot a masterpiece. It enables a wide variety of shooting, such as advanced bokeh rendering for portrait shots utilizing AI, and a selection of colour presets to create your preferred mood or atmosphere for your shots. Xperia 5 V allows you to indulge yourself in its extraordinary music and video experience thanks to its exceptional display, front-stage stereo speakers, and advanced technologies that elevate your viewing and listening experience to unprecedented excellence.

In addition, battery performance has been improved with more than 50% of the battery remaining[i] even after active use all day. This premium smartphone can be used safely all day long for shooting, editing, and viewing content on the go.

Capture memories in high definition regardless of time or place

The Xperia 5 V camera uses the latest sensor "Exmor T for mobile", which also sits at the heart of the flagship smartphone, Xperia 1 V, so you can shoot clear and high-definition images regardless of the situation whether it be day/night or indoors/outdoors. In addition to being able to capture portraits with life-like detail, it is possible to select from a choice of colour presets called "Creative Look", allowing you to match different colours and tones according to the scene you are shooting without any post-editing. In addition, bokeh mode[ii] is greatly improved from the previous model[iii], it leverages AI technology to elevate your portrait pictures closer to the standards of interchangeable lens cameras.

The dual camera lens on the back allows you to enjoy shooting with three focal lengths of 16mm, 24mm, and 48mm. 48mm is equivalent to 2x optical focal length, so you can capture the subjects of your images in a larger size without worrying about image quality deterioration.

Become a video master

The new "Video Creator" app has an automatic editing function that allows you to easily create video clips. Once you've decided the length of the clip, just select the photos or videos together with the music, and Video Creator will do the hard work so a final file is ready in about a minute. Even people who have no video editing experience can easily create original clips worthy of sharing on social media. You can also manually set your own preferences, such as clip adjustments and filter processing based on the creative look you are after.

Xperia 5 V also has a dedicated voice recording mic. Even when shooting a video in a busy scene where there are other voices and environmental sounds in the surroundings, the voice of the person you are recording is prioritized and can be clearly picked up.

Entertainment that lasts longer than a day1

Xperia 5 V allows you to enjoy powerful sound and stunning video without any need for an external speaker or display. In addition to a newly developed speaker amplifier with powerful deep bass, it has a bright OLED display which provides high visibility even when it’s bright outside. You can immerse yourself in the world of content when enjoying live, streamed or recorded videos on social media or your favourite shows with beautiful images thanks to Sony's TV BRAVIA® high image quality engine "X1™ for mobile". ​ Incredibly, you can watch 24+ hours from a single full charge[iv], and if you're ever lost on what to watch, just click on BRAVIA CORE for Xperia where a choice of hundreds of the latest releases and classic blockbuster movies in high-quality are available[v].

To enable being immersed in trending videos or shows without the worry of running out of charge, the 5,000mAh large capacity battery lasts longer than other smartphones with the same capacity battery. With its unique power-saving technology, power consumption is reduced by approximately 20% compared to the previous model3. As a result, even if you use your smartphone actively all day, the battery will remain at 50% or more1. In addition to supporting wireless charging and quick charging (up to 50% in 30 minutes[vi]), Xperia's unique charging optimisation technology prevents battery deterioration, so even after 3 years, the maximum capacity is maintained at 80% or more[vii].

Performance-wise, the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile platform4 is faster and more efficient when multi-tasking, so you can do everything for longer without compromise. In addition, the size of heat diffusion sheet has increased by 40% compared to the previous model3 as an extremely effective heat dissipation measure and the power consumption of the CPU has been improved. The new processor, improved thermal management, and a 40% increase in heat diffusion sheet volume helps the Xperia 5 V stay cool during such intense use, so you can enjoy all this power to the max.

Enhanced gaming functions

Game enhancer, an assist function that makes gaming more enjoyable, has a new theme colour but retains a host of winning support functions such as the L-γ (low gamma) laser, audio equalizer, voice chat mic and screen recording function which is useful when capturing and distributing content onto YouTube™. In addition, Qualcomm's Snapdragon® 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform and Elite Gaming[viii] support stable gameplay.


Another element to love about Xperia 5 V is its combination of highly reliable performance and design. The camera and back panel are colour matched with an aesthetically pleasing matte finish that creates an impression of unity. It is available in three colour options to suit your style, Black, Platinum Silver and Blue.

When taking pictures in Photography Pro, a new accessibility feature enables a sound to be played[ix] that lets you know whether the screen is horizontal, so people with visual impairments can capture a straight picture. Functionality and design are combined to fit in the palm of your hand.

The packaging of Xperia 5 V uses Sony's Original Blended Material, which is made from bamboo, sugar cane fibers and post-consumer recycled paper, and has achieved an individual package that completely eliminates plastic[x]. In addition, some elements, both internal and external, of the main unit use SORPLAS™, a flame-retardant recycled plastic developed by Sony that uses up to 99% recycled materials.

Style Cover with Stand for Xperia 5 V (XQZ-CBDE)

The Xperia 5 V dedicated cover (available as an optional accessory purchased separately) also works as a convenient stand that can be placed vertically as well as horizontally. The slim shape that perfectly fits the smartphone makes it easy to hold and use not only for watching videos, but also for live streaming and video chat. Three colors are available to match Xperia 5 V[xi]. Furthermore, we have also used SORPLAS as part of the materials within the Style Cover with Stand[xii].

Pricing and Availability

Xperia 5 V will be available to buy for approximately: €999 ​ / ​ £849 *pricing and availability will vary by country

Sony will be offering an exclusive Xperia 5 V launch bundle with the WH-CH720N headphones (worth £99.99) which will be running from the 28th September – 26th October 2023 across major UK retailers

A product announcement video on the new Xperia 5 V can be viewed HERE.

Full product video can be viewed HERE.

For detailed product information, please visit:

[i]Estimated values based on tests assuming 360 minutes of internet browsing, video browsing, gaming, and other functions per day (1080 minutes of standby time) using the standard battery usage profile of Xperia users. Actual battery life varies depending on usage conditions and usage environment.

[ii]Bokeh mode is available on 24mm lens and 48mm focal length

[iii] Xperia 5 IV

[iv] The results from tests conducted by Sony under the following conditions: playback of 720p 24fps video stored in internal memory on a typical video playback app, with Wi-Fi and LTE connections, audio output via Bluetooth, and display brightness is fixed brightness bar at 60%. The actual playback time may vary depending on your usage environment and conditions.

[v] Third-party terms, conditions, accounts, and fees may apply. Service availability may vary by market.

[vi] We recommend using genuine chargers and cables as XQZ-UC1 (charge and cable bundle). Availability may vary.

[vii] Simulated result by Sony Corporation, based on actual usage profile using the same type of battery and USB charging. Actual performance varies based on settings, environmental conditions, storage, and usage. Batteries are consumable products, and their capacity degrades over time as they age. Sony does not guarantee the life span of the battery.

[viii] Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries, used with permission.

[ix] When using Photography Pro.

[x] Packaging refers to the individual product box, as well as components such as in-box trays, spacers, wraps and sleeves. Excludes materials used in coatings and adhesives.

[xi] Colors and availability will differ depends on the region.

[xii] Excluding the stand.



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