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Carrying sleeve VGP-CVZ2: closing lid too short


    Dear Valued Sony VAIO Customer,

    Sony takes pride in the quality of its products.  Recently, we have identified that some carrying sleeves for the VAIO Z-series with model code VGP-CVZ2, launched in January 2010, have not been manufactured properly.  Due to a problem in the sewing (stitching) process, the closing lid of some sleeves turns out to be too short.

    Obviously, rectifying measures have been taken immediately and we can confirm that all products of the affected series which have been shipped from the factory after May 8th have been produced in line with specifications.

    In case you own a misproduced product with model code VGP-CVZ2, Sony will organise a free-of-charge exchange.  Therefore, we kindly ask you to check your carrying sleeve following the steps below.

    1. Correct product code
    The product code VGP-CVZ2 should be mentioned on the original packaging of the product.  The product has been launched in January 2010, so this message does not apply to similar products sold prior to this date.
    1. Visual check
    Place your VAIO Z-series in the sleeve and close the lid. Check if the housing of your VAIO is fully covered by the sleeve.  If your VAIO Z-series is completely covered as illustrated on the left picture below, your product is not affected.  If your VAIO is not completely covered as illustrated on the right picture, your product may be affected.


    1. Measuring
    Open the sleeve and put it on a flat surface as illustrated below.  Measure the distance between the left side of the sleeve and the raised placeholder using an appropriate measuring device.  (E.g. a tape measure)
    If the distance between both is 250 mm or less, your product is affected and can be exchanged.  If the distance is greater than 250 mm, your product mustn’t be exchanged.

    If you own a misproduced carrying sleeve, please contact VAIO Support.

    We take the quality of the products we sell very seriously and make every effort to ensure that the products we develop meet your expectations. We sincerely apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you for using VAIO.


    Your VAIO Support Team