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What types of damages are not covered by my guarantee?

    The guarantee that comes with your product is effective immediately at the date of purchase. All Sony products go through extensive quality tests before they're put on the market. Nevertheless, there can always be a minor chance of acquiring a product with a type of defect. Read more about Sony's European Guarantee terms.

    However, there are a few types of damages that are not covered by the standard guarantee:

    IMPORTANT: This list is intended as a guide only and is not listing all types of damages.

    Accidental damage

    Accidental damage is when the product has unintentionally taken physical damage. For example, dropping your camera, resulting in a cracked screen, falls under this category.

    The damage doesn't necessarily have to be visible on the outside, for the product to to be affected physically on the inside. If a product falls from a height, the only visible damage on the outside could be a few scratches. However, the components inside the product may have suffered damage.

    Examples of accidental damage:

    Broken LCD Damaged lens
    Cracked LCD display, causing the liquid crystals to bleed. Damaged lens, making it impossible for the lens to retract and close.
    Cracked housing Bumps on Blu-Ray player
    Cracked underwater housing. Bumps on top of a Blu-ray Disc player, caused by having dropped something on top of the product.

    Liquid damage

    This includes any product that may have encountered damage due to contact with any type of liquid. A common scenario is to use a mobile phone while it's raining, resulting in water leaking into the phone, and damaging the components.

    Liquid damage could happen even when a product is waterproof, and you have taken all of the precautionary steps necessary to protect your device. For example if the product has water- or airtight seals which haven't been properly secured.

    Examples of liquid damage:

    Liquid damage Liquid damage
    Fluids entered a product, short circuiting the mother board inside. Water entered a product, causing the insides to corrode.

    Improper handling

    A product will naturally show signs of wear and tear after being used for some duration of time. Improper handling of a product however, can speed up the aging process and is not covered by the guarantee.

    Examples of improper handling could be picking up a laptop computer by the lid, causing stress on the screen and hinges, instead of lifting the laptop horizontally, so it remains level, with both hands on each side of the base.

    Examples of improper handling or wear and tear damage:

    Improper handling Improper handling
    Wear and tear around the LCD display of a camera. Damaged headphones.
    Improper handling Improper handling
    Cracked corner of a TV-monitor, causing the liquid LCD crystals to bleed. Forced entry into a jack, obstructing the port and causing a connector to remain jammed in the port.