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The Creators' App won't connect to my camera

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    If you were using the Imaging Edge Mobile app before and have recently started using the Creators' App but can't connect the new app to your camera, perform the following steps:

    1. Ensure the Imaging Edge Mobile app is updated to the latest version (Ver. 7.7.2 or later).
      • This operation is necessary to enable the smooth pairing of the camera with the Creators' App.
      • The logo of the latest version of Imaging Edge Mobile has changed for Ver. 7.7.2 or later.
        Previous orange and white logo of Imaging Edge Mobile on the left (Ver.7.7.1 or earlier) and new red and white logo of the same app on the right (Ver.7.7.2 or later).
    2. Ensure your camera is updated to the latest firmware. 
    3. If you are using an iPhone or iPad:
      1. Reset your iPhone or iPad by turning it off and then on again. 
      2. Go to Settings → Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth toggle Off, then On again. Make sure you open Bluetooth Settings through the Settings menu and not from the Control Center screen (which you access by swiping down).
      3. Bluetooth cache may prevent the Creators' App from connecting to the camera. If necessary, clear the Bluetooth cache:
        Go to Settings → Bluetooth → Find your camera name under MY DEVICES → Tap the information icon next to your camera name → Forget This Device.
    4. Next, pair the iPhone or iPad with the camera again using the Creators' App.
    5. On the camera, select MENU → (Network)Cnct./PC Remote → Smartphone Connection
    6. Connect to the camera using the Creators' App on your smartphone or tablet.