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I can't see "SRS-XB13" in my smartphone's Bluetooth list during Bluetooth pairing

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    If the name of your SRS-XB13 speaker doesn't appear in your smartphone's Bluetooth list, then your speaker might be in Stereo Pair mode and not in Bluetooth pairing mode. Follow the steps below to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. 

    How to pair an SRS-XB13 speaker that has been paired before

    The first time your pair your SRS-XB13 wireless speaker, the speaker automatically enters pairing mode. To pair your speaker with a second or subsequent Bluetooth device, you'll have to enable the Bluetooth pairing mode manually.  

    To enter Bluetooth pairing mode, follow the steps below: 

    1. Turn on the speaker.
    2. Press the (BLUETOOTH) button for a short time. You should hear a beep from the speaker, and the(BLUETOOTH) indicator should start double flashing.


    • Most Bluetooth audio devices require holding the  Bluetooth button for 7 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode manually. 
    • The SRS-XB13 model is unusual because holding the Bluetooth button for 7 seconds activates the Stereo Pair mode. The Stereo Pair indicator will start to flash in white if the speaker enters Stereo Pair mode.
    • If you accidentally entered the Stereo Pair mode but want to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, restart the unit, then press the Bluetooth button for a short time until the(BLUETOOTH) indicator starts double flashing.