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Music does not play or pause when the headphones are removed, or the touch sensor control panel doesn't work

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    What to do when the music doesn't pause after removing the headphones

    • Open the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and make sure that the Pauses when the headphones are taken off setting is set to ON.
    • Touching the headphones with sweaty hands or using them in high temperatures or high humidity may prevent the headphones from registering you removed the headphones. You can dry the outside earpads entirely before using them.
    • The music may not pause by removing the headphones, depending on the app. If this is the case, use your music streaming app to control music playback.

    When to do when the touch sensor control panel does not work

    • Check the settings and make sure that you operate the headphones properly:
      • Open the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and ensure the Touch sensor control panel is ON.
      • Be sure to use the surface of your finger when operating the touch sensor control panel. The touch sensor control panel will not work correctly with fingernails or while wearing gloves.
      • When you wear the headphones over a cap, a scarf, hair, etc., the sensors may not detect that you are wearing them and may turn them off. Be sure to set the earpads over the ears.
    • Test the app and check the connecting method:
      • Some apps may not support the touch sensor control. If this is the case, use your music streaming app to control music playback.
      • When you use the supplied headphone cable, you can only use Quick Attention Mode and Speak-to-Chat. The audio cable overrides the following touch sensor functions: you can't adjust volume and play or pause music in this situation.
    • If the touch sensor doesn't work despite previous tips:
      • Disable the Automatic Power Off setting. You can set it using the Sony | Headphones Connect app:
        • SystemAutomatic Power Off, and select Do not turn off. Doing so can have the headphones activate the wearing detection function.
      • Reset the headphones. If the issue persists, then initialize the headphones.
        Note: Resetting the headphones will not delete the paring information, while initialization returns the headphones to the factory settings, and all Bluetooth pairing information is deleted.