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SD card not detected / not working

    You can often solve SD card errors with some simple troubleshooting tips. In extreme cases, you may need to format your SD card. Perform the following troubleshooting tips in order and see if your issue is resolved.

    Verify whether the SD card is supported

    Refer to the manual to verify whether your SD card is supported by your Xperia device. 

    1. Remove and reinsert the SD card

    A loose or dislodged SD card can cause errors. Simply remove and reinsert the SD card and check if the error disappears. 

    To remove and reinsert the SD card

    1. Power off your device before removing the SD card. 
    2. Gently drag out the SIM/SD card tray and remove the microSD card from the slot. 
    3. Remove any dust or debris and return it to the sim card tray. 
    4. Reinsert the SD card and sim card tray and power on your device.

    See if the issue is resolved.

    2. Reboot your device

    If you’re using an SD card that worked correctly before, then the issue is likely caused by a glitch. Perform a reboot and see if the problem is solved.

    To reboot your device

    1. Press and hold the power key for a few seconds until the menu opens.
    2. Tap Restart.
    3. A reboot will not affect any data on your internal memory or SD card. 

    3. Clear cache from the system partition

    Corrupted data on your phone can cause errors when trying to read an SD card. Simply clear the cache from your device’s system partition to solve the issue. Cache refers to temporary data which is saved in your apps or folders. This is usually used to improve your browsing experience in terms of speed and functionality.

    To clear cache from the system partition

    1. Power off your device
    2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time for a few seconds.
    3. When the Sony logo appears, release both buttons. A recovery screen will appear shortly.
    4. Press the Volume Down button to scroll and highlight wipe cache partition.
    5. Press the Power button to confirm your selection.
    6. Wait a few moments until the phone has wiped the cache partition and highlights the Restart option.
    7. Press the Power button to confirm the restart.

    Wait for the device to finish rebooting and see if the issue is resolved.

    4. Format the SD card

    We recommend that you frequently create a backup of your data to avoid data loss when you format an SD card. 

    To format a SD card

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Tap Storage & memory.
    3. Tap the menu icon or three vertical dots to view more options.
    4. Tap Advanced.
    5. Tap Storage.
    6. Select SD card.
    7. Tap the menu icon (three dots) to continue.
    8. Tap Storage settings.
    9. Tap Format.
    10. Select the option to Erase & Format. All content on the memory card will be deleted.