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Headphone cleaning and maintenance for the WF-**, WI-** Series

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    Why is headphone maintenance important?

    If your earbuds are not well-maintained, foreign substances, such as dust or earwax, might build up. This can negatively impact your headphones: 

    • the volume may seem lower than usual or not come out at all
    • you might experience charging issues
    • water-resistance or dust proofing performance may be affected.

    Regular care and maintenance help you improve the longevity of your headphones. 

    How to maintain your earbuds

    Removing and attaching the earbuds in the correct way

    The correct way to remove earbuds from the earpiece is by holding the unit, twist and pull to remove the earbuds.
    Don't pinch and yank it off. Gently squeeze and rotate. 

    After cleaning and maintenance, firmly reattach the earbuds completely, making sure the earbuds are not loose or skewed. The earbud should completely cover the sound tube. 

    Cleaning your earbuds

    To remove dirt or earwax, gently wash them by hand using a neutral detergent. After cleaning them, thoroughly wipe off any moisture. 

    If you own headphones designed for sports activities (e.g. WF-SP900 model), and they were exposed to a swimming pool (e.g. chloride) or ocean water (e.g. salt, sand, sunscreen), refer to the Help Guide

    When the exterior of the headphones is dirty, wipe them with a soft dry cloth. If it is extremely dirty, wipe them with a cloth that has been wrung tightly, dampened with a dilute solution of neutral detergent.
    Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol, as they may damage the surface.

    Cleaning the sound output opening

    When you remove the silicone or rubber earbuds, you'll notice a tiny tube is hidden underneath. This tube is actually where the sound comes out! Potentially it's covered with a bit of mesh (depends on the model).
    Use a cloth dampened with water and wrung tightly dry to clean the mesh or tubes of the earbuds to remove dirt, earwax, or anything that may accumulate. 

    Be careful not to push dirt or debris into the earbuds. If the sound output holes are covered with mesh, do not rub it too hard. Otherwise, the mesh may peel off or get torn.



    Extra cleaning precautions for water-resistant models

    If you are using a water-resistant model, water or moisture might get into the sound outlet tubes. 
    The sound would become muffled or even completely inaudible. To avoid this, remove the earbuds and position the sound output tubes facing downward, and shake several times to get the water out.

    Next, turn the microphone hole downward and gently tap it about 5 times towards a dry cloth. Make sure that any water drops are not left in the microphone hole, or it may cause corrosion.

    If perspiration, water, or moisture is left on the charging port sensor (or around the USB port cover for In-Ear headphones), wipe it off immediately and let it dry at room temperature. Otherwise, the charging function may be affected or not be possible at all.

    Example of Truly Wireless headphones

    Example of In-Ear headphones

    Additional tips to keep your headphones in mint condition

    For Truly Wireless headphones

    • Your charging case is the best protection against the environment when not using your headphones
    • Be aware that even if your headphones are water-resistant or dustproof, the charging case is not. Make sure the headphones are completely dry before putting them in the charging case. Failing to do so, might cause a short circuit or corrosion. 
    • Do not leave the headphones in a cold environment, as any water or moisture left on the headphones may freeze. To prevent malfunction, make sure to wipe off any water or moisture after use.

    For In-Ear headphones

    Make sure the USB Type-C port cover (or the Micro-USB port cover) is closed securely when using the headphones.
    Do not leave the headphones in a cold environment, as any water or moisture left on the headphones may freeze. To prevent malfunction, make sure to wipe off any water or moisture after use.

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