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My headphones don't turn off automatically

    In the following cases, the power of the headset doesn’t turn off automatically:

    • If the remaining charge of the charging case rechargeable battery is empty, the power of the headset doesn’t turn off even if it is inserted in the charging case.
    • If the [Automatic Power Off] setting is set to [Do not turn off] on the Headphones Connect app
      When the headset is not worn for about 5 minutes after being removed from the charging case, the headset turns off automatically. However, if Do not turn off is set, the power will not turn off. You can choose the duration your headphones remain unused before automatically turning off.
    • Your headphones won't go to power saving mode if you store them outside the charging case, such as in your pocket or inside a bag. Always keep the headphones in the charging case when not in use.