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The headphones sometimes turn off unexpectedly

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    In the default setting, the headphones use built-in sensors to detect when you wear or remove your headphones and automatically turn them on or off as needed. If you have trouble with the headphones turning off unintentionally, check the following:

    • When you wear the headphones over a cap, a scarf, hair, etc., the sensors may not detect that you are wearing your headphones and may turn them off. To avoid this, set the earpads directly over the ears.
    • If you find the wearing detection feature inconvenient, disable the Automatic Power Off setting by following these steps:
      • Open the Sony | Headphones Connect app on your smartphone, then go to SystemAutomatic Power Off → Do not turn off.
    • If the issue is not still resolved, reset the headphones. If the problem persists, initialise the headphones.
      Note: Resetting the headphones will not delete the paring information, while initialisation returns the headphones to the factory settings and deletes all Bluetooth pairing information.