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How can I find my TV model name and serial number?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

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    Every TV model has an individual model name and serial number. There are three ways to find them:

    1. The Settings menu
    2. The sticker on the back of your TV
    3. The original box/packaging 

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    1. Check the Settings menu

    Depending on whether your TV is an Android TV or not, the procedure may vary slightly. 

    Android TVs

    Menu path for the Android TVs listed below
    • 2018: AF9 and ZF9 Series
    • 2019: XG85, XG87, XG95, AG9 and ZG9 Series
    • 2020: XH80, XH81, XH85, XH90, XH91, XH92, XH95, A8, A9 and ZH8 Series
    • 2021: X80J, X81J, X82J, X85J, X89J, X90J, X92J, X93J, X94J, X95J, A80J, A83J, A84J, A90J and Z9J Series
    1. Press the Help button on the supplied remote control
    2. Navigate to [Status & Diagnostics] on the left side of the screen, then press OK on the remote
    3. In this view, navigate to [System information], then press OK on the remote
    Menu path for other Android TVs (e.g. 2017 XE90)
    1. Press the Help button on the supplied remote control
    2. Select [System information].

    system information - Android model number

    Non-Android TVs

    1. Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control
    2. Select [Settings] → [Customer Support] 
    3. Your product name is mentioned in the top right-hand corner 

    non-Android model name

    2. Find the sticker on the back of your TV

    If you look at the back of your TV, you will notice a small sticker in black and white, generally located in the left-hand corner or area of the TV. 

    Back of the TV - model and serial number sticker (left corner)

    On the sticker, you will find the following information:

    1. The Model Name
    2. The 7-digit serial number (this number is also on the original box/packaging)
    3. The part number (this number is for internal purposes only)

    mini TV sticker - model name, serial number and part number

    3. The original box

    In case you cannot access the TV settings menu, or your TV is wall-mounted so you can’t see your sticker, you can always check the original product packaging or the user manual.

    (1) The Model Name  
    (2) The 7-digit serial number

    Question: What does my model name mean?

    Each model name is not a random sequence of numbers. The name contains certain information:

    1. The first part of the model name (before the hyphen) indicates the TV’s resolution: 2K (KDL) and 4K (KD). 
    2. The numbers after the numbers after the hyphen indicates the screen size in inches 
    3. The final sequence of letters and numbers conveys a certain production series. That’s more important for support and repair purposes 
      • The last letter can indicate a variance in the colour of the bezel and frame or stand 
      • If the letter starts with an "A", that means it is part of our OLED lineup 

    Things to keep in mind...

    • When searching for general information on the support site, please use the model name
    • Here are some examples of correct model names: KD-55X8507C, KDL-32EX710 and KD-55AG9

    Blu-ray Disc Players and Home Cinema systems

    Below are some examples of serial and model number locations on Blu-ray Disc Players and Home Cinema systems:

    1. Model name
    2. Serial number

    Blu-Ray Home cinema serial number example