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What are the adds on my TV Home screen?

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    Google recently released two new features for the Home screen in the latest Android TV Launcher app (Home app) update. This update is currently being rolled out to all countries. (If your country has not received this new Android TV Launcher, it will get it soon.)

    Your Home screen will highlight suggested movies, shows, and quick trailers to help you discover something new to watch. Additionally, Google might recommend a must-see show from an app you haven't subscribed to. If you're interested, you can always find the app in the Google Play store and click subscribe and install. These suggestions are managed by Google Play entertainment experts or sponsored by media partners.

    You can also choose to get tips from your apps. For information, visit the Android TV Help page on the Google website and look for the Suggested shows & movies section.

    Example of new ad on home screen

    For more details on these features, visit the Find new faves faster on Android TV page on the Google website.