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No sound from my Wireless Glass Speaker when using a Bluetooth connection

    Check the following.

    • Check that the Bluetooth indicator on the bottom of the speaker is lit.  
      Glass speaker BLUETOOTH indicator
    • Increase the volume level of the speaker and the connected device.
    • If the speaker is connected to a computer running music software, restart the music software.
    • If an audio cable is inserted to the speaker, press the BLUETOOTH/PAIRING button on the bottom of the speaker, or disconnect the device connected to the AUDIO IN port of the speaker.
    • The Bluetooth connection will be disconnected if music is played via the Wi-Fi network or with the (Push & Play) button.
      If the connection is not established again automatically, press the BLUETOOTH/PAIRING button on the bottom of the speaker to reconnect.
    • Turn off the Bluetooth function of the connected device, and then turn it on again.

    If the issue is not resolved, delete the device information of devices connected via a Bluetooth connection, and then re-pair them.