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Voice search

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    The voice search function helps you find the content you are looking for by listening to your vocalised (spoken) search words. In order to use the voice search function, an Internet connection is necessary.

    When you are using an app, search results in the app will be displayed on your TV screen. Below are examples of apps where the voice search function can be used:

    • Google Play Store: You can search for apps available in the Google Play Store.
    • Google Play Movies & TV: You can search for content available in Google Play Movies & TV.
    • YouTube: You can search for content available in YouTube.
    • TV broadcast: TV programmes related to your search word are displayed on the TV screen.

    NOTE: If the app you are using is not supported by the voice search function, search results from YouTube content are displayed.


    How to use the voice search function

    1. Press the  (MIC) button or  (The Google Assistant) button on the TV remote control, depending on your TV model.
    2. Speak into the microphone at the top of the TV remote control, such as a movie title.


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