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Initial settings of Google Assistant on your wireless headphones

    What you'll need to use Google Assistant with your wireless headphones

    You'll need the following things to configure the initial settings for Google Assistant and use it with your wireless headphones:

    1. Headphones that support Google Assistant
      • To check if your headphones support Google Assistant, see the expandable section at the top of this article (Applicable Products and Categories section of This Article).
      • Update the headphones' software to the latest version. Visit the Sony Support website, search for your headphones by entering the model number in the search bar, then go to the Downloads section.
    2. The latest version of the Sony | Headphones Connect app for Android installed on your smartphone.
    3. The latest version of the Google Assistant app installed on your smartphone.  


    • Due to the changes Google will be making to the Google Assistant feature, linking headphones to the Google Assistant app for iOS will be discontinued.
    • You can download the Sony | Headphones Connect and the Google Assistant apps from the Google Play Store if your Android smartphone supports these apps.

    How to configure the initial settings for Google Assistant

    When using Google Assistant for the first time, change the function of the headphones' custom button (or touch sensor, depending on the model) and configure the initial settings for Google Assistant.

    Note:  The button name varies depending on the model. Refer to the Help Guide for your headphones model. Manuals are posted on the support website.

    1. Start the Sony | Headphones Connect app on your smartphone and connect your wireless headphones.
    2. Select  (Settings), then change the Function of the custom button or touch sensor to Google Assistant. Confirm by tapping Done, as shown in the screenshot below.
    3. Press and hold the smartphone's Home button to start the Google Assistant app.
      Tap Finish the headphones setup and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set-up.