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FES Watch U maintenance and care

    Water-resistant performance

    Under the specified temperature conditions, the watch can achieve water-resistant performance equivalent to IPX5/IPX7.
    However, water resistance is not guaranteed under the following conditions:

    • Do not directly splash water from a tap or other sources of steady water pressure onto the watch.
    • Avoid using the watch in the rain for long periods of time.
    • Avoid immersing the watch in water. The internal parts may be exposed to water due to the water pressure.
    • Avoid wearing the watch in the bath or shower.
    • Avoid wearing the watch while playing sports (tennis, football, baseball, golf, etc.).
    • Do not leave the watch in extremely hot environments, such as the inside of a car. Doing this may affect the water-resistant performance.


    Can I change the band?

    Since the case and the band are integrated, it is not possible to change the band.

    What is the wrist size of FES Watch U?

    The wrist size is adjustable within the range of 135 mm to 185 mm.