Article ID : 00202064 / Last Modified : 27/06/2019

FES Watch U: Wireless connection troubleshooting

    When you are unable to connect your watch and your smartphone:

    • Make sure that the connection icon is being displayed on the watch.
      If you can’t see the Bluetooth icon, press the button on the watch for at least 2 seconds.

      FES watch button press
    • If the connection fails, take off your watch and bring your smartphone close to the antenna of the watch so that the link stabilises.
      FES antenna back watch

    When the connection between the watch and smartphone is interrupted:

    • Connection depends on the usage environment and the performance of your smartphone: make sure that you are not trying to establish the connection near devices that emit frequencies in the 2.4 GHz band, such as Wi-Fi router and microwaves, or in an area where radio waves are concentrated
    • If the watch remains disconnected from the smartphone for more than one minute, the connection icon will disappear, and the connection cancels out.