Article ID : 00201317 / Last Modified : 30/08/2021

Sound from the Soundbar subwoofer or rear speakers cuts or noise occurs

    Various reasons can cause noise interference to the sound from the subwoofer or rear speaker of your HT-Z9F 3.1ch Dolby Atmos® Soundbar. Please try the following solutions: 

    1. Move away devices that interfere with wireless communication.
      If near a device that emits electromagnetic waves such as a wireless LAN router or microwave oven, move the Soundbar away from the device in question. 
    2. Do not block the main unit and the subwoofer or rear speakers:
      If there is metal, concrete, or plaster between the unit and subwoofer, avoid or remove these obstructions.
    3. Place the main unit, subwoofer, and rear speakers near one another.
    4. Use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection:
      Switch the TV and Blu-ray Disc recorder from a wireless LAN connection to a wired LAN connection.
    5.  Turn the RF Channel ON or OFF. Try the following setting:
      1. Press HOME.
      2. Select Setup - Advanced Settings on the home menu.
      3. Select Speaker Settings - Wireless Speaker Settings.
      4. Select Off or On for RF Channel.

        • When you change the RF Channel settings, it may take 1 minute to reconnect.
        • The frequency setting is deleted if the power cord is disconnected. If the power cord is unplugged, switch the RF Channel from Off to On again.
        • The RF Channel default setting is On. When this setting is on, the system automatically selects the best channel for transmission. Although this mode should be stronger against wireless interference, if sound still drops while this setting is set to On, setting it to Off may improve the issue.