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The smart speaker turns off unintentionally

The smart speaker does not respond when I use voice or gesture command, and the indicator does not light on.

    If the smart speaker is disconnected from the network or network connection is shut off for at least one hour, the speaker automatically powers off, and the clock display disappears.

    To turn on the power, press and hold the DIMMER/RESTART button on the bottom of the unit.

    [A]: Dimmer/Restart button

    If there are no issues with the network environment, the smart speaker will automatically reconnect to the network.
    If this does not happen, please follow the next troubleshooting steps: 

    1. If you use a router that automatically reduces power consumption or a router equipped with an eco mode at night, please disable this feature.
    2. If the measures above do not solve the problem, remove the AC adapter from the speaker and then reinsert it.
    3.  If this still does not solve the problem, press and hold the (mute microphone) button, and release it when all four statuses LED indications light or flash in orange. This will reset the speaker to factory settings.

    After reset, start initial setup over from the beginning.