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The clock is not displayed on the LF-S50G Smart Speaker

    If the clock is not displayed on the Smart Speaker, try the following solutions one by one.  

    • Repeatedly press the DIMMER/RESTART button while the smart speaker is on. 
    • Confirm that the grill (unit cover) of the smart speaker is still aligned.
    • If the clock and region settings of the smartphone or other device used in initial setup do not match, this could prevent the smart speaker from receiving time information.
      Check the settings of your smartphone to verify, then press and hold the   (mute microphone) button to reset the smart speaker to factory settings and go through the initial setup from the beginning. 
    • If the clock display disappears when the speaker automatically powers off due to being disconnected from the network or the network connection shutting off for at least one hour, try the following: 
      Press and hold the DIMMER/RESTART button on the bottom of the speaker to restart it. 
    • I cannot perform initial setup.