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How to set the Clock Radio alarm

My Clock Radio’s alarm information was reset.

    Follow these steps to set the alarm:

    The alarm sound can be selected from RADIO (radio) or BUZZ (buzzer).

    Before setting the alarm:

    To set the alarm

    1. Set ALARM MODE to the desired alarm sound (RADIO or BUZZ).
      The alarm time appears for a few seconds, and then Displayappears on the display. (It does not appear when the switch is set to OFF.)
    2. Press SET ALARM TIME + or – repeatedly to set the desired time while the alarm time appears on the display.
      While setting the alarm time, alarmflashes on the display.
      When the alarm time setting operation is complete, the clock display returns after a few seconds and Alarm changes from flashing to fully lit.
      At the set time, the radio will turn on, or the buzzer will sound gradually increasing in volume. (alarmflashes on the display.)

      IMPORTANT: The current date, time and alarm information will be erased if you disconnect the AC plug from the wall outlet while replacing the battery (CR2032). Please connect your Clock Radio AC power code to a wall outlet when you replace the battery.