Article ID : 00173738 / Last Modified : 08/04/2021

The image on my TV screen sometimes shifts (Pixel shift function)

    Due to the Pixel shift function, the image on your TV screen may sometimes shift.

    Pixel shift is a function that prevents screen image retention of the TV screen by shifting the image of the TV screen after a certain amount of time has elapsed. In order to prolong the life of the panel, setting the Pixel shift function to On is recommended.

    Follow the steps below to enable the Pixel shift function.

    1. Press the Home button on the remote.
    2. Select  Settings.*
    3. Follow the steps below according to your TV menu.
    • Select Display & Sound → Expert panel settings → Pixel shift → On.
    • Select Display → Expert panel settings → Pixel Shift → On.

    *For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the settings icon is located in the top right-hand corner