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There is no sound, the sound drops out or there are disturbances in the signal reception or sound

    In order to extend battery life, your stereo headphones feature an Auto-Standby mode that will be triggered whenever the transmitter does not receive any signal, or a very low level signal, for about 4 minutes. The POWER indicator on the transmitter will blink for 1 minute before turning off.

    To prevent the headphones from entering into Standby mode, raise the volume of the connected audio source (e.g., television or audio receiver) and adjust the volume from the headphones directly.

    NOTE: When the transmitter receives an audio signal again, the signal transmission will resume and the POWER indicator will light up green.

    Your stereo headphones use a radio frequency signal between the transmitter and the headphones to allow your music, or other audio content, to be streamed wirelessly. If you are experiencing either of the below symptoms, it is likely to be due to a signal reception issue:

    • There is no sound at all
    • There is a noticeable disturbance in audio quality
    • The sound drops off occasionally
    • Other audio/signal disturbances

    Try to restore a stable signal transmission between the transmitter and the headphones by selecting a different channel. For instance, if you were using channel 1, try using channel 2.

    Channel selector

    NOTE: According to your model, you may have more channel options.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you first select a new channel on the transmitter, and then adjust the headphones accordingly - not the other way around.

    If you are still experiencing interference in spite of trying to switch to the other channel options, please keep in mind that use in the following circumstances might impact the signal receiving performance of your headphones:

    • Inside a building with walls containing steel beams
    • An area with many steel filing cabinets, etc.
    • An area with many electrical appliances capable of generating electromagnetic fields
    • The transmitter is placed on a metal instrument
    • An area facing a roadway
    • Noise or interfering signals exist in the surroundings due to radio transceivers in trucks, wireless communication systems installed along roadways, etc.