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Sound quality is low, or the bass (low frequency) sound is low


    Step 1: Replace the earbuds with ones that feel more sealed

    If the earbuds do not fit your ears, or if the headphones are not attached properly, the noise canceling function can be affected. To get the best sound experience, including noise canceling effect, replace the earbuds with ones that fit your ears the best.

    How to choose the most appropriate earbuds:

    This video will show you how to choose the most appropriate earbuds for the proper sound quality.

    Try the earbud sizes in order, starting with the larger size (L) and going to the smaller size (SS):

    1. Replace the earbuds to try different sizes.

      • While holding down the unit, twist and pull to remove the earbuds.
        NOTE: Do not pinch the end of the earbud when removing it.

      • Firmly reattach the earbuds completely, making sure the earbuds are not loose or skewed.

      NOTE: The sizes are based on the number of lines inside the bottom of the earbuds:
      Image of the earbuds (SS, S, M, L)
      SS: 1 line
      S: 2 lines
      M: 3 lines
      L: 4 lines

    2. Make sure that the headphones are attached firmly and the earbuds slide deep into your ears. The earbud will be easier to slide deep into your ear if you pull up on the top of the ear lightly while twisting the headphones. 

    3. Check to see how the Noise Canceling function works.

    4. Try a different earbud size and then check the Noise Canceling function again.
      NOTE: The best size earbuds may be different for each ear. Use the size that fits best according to each ear.

    5. Try different earbud sizes until you find the best ones for your Noise Canceling experience.

    Step 2: Change the settings on the Sony | Headphones Connect app

    On the Sound screen, customize the Equalizer setting to your preferred sound quality. If sound quality is still not good, try changing the Sound Quality Mode to Priority on sound quality mode.

    Image of the Headphones Connect app screen

    1. Customize the Equalizer setting
    2. Change the Sound Quality Mode