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The TV doesn't output sound/picture, it freezes or misses channels when using DVB-S tuning, and the firmware cannot be updated

    If your Bravia TV is exhibiting either of the symptoms described below, erroneous data might have been written in the system and the TV set might need to be recovered.


    • No picture and no sound after the TV is turned on, even though the backlight is lit
    • While using DVB-S tuning, the TV freezes
    • 14 channels are missing when using DVB-S tuning
    • The TV fails to update when trying to install a firmware update via USB

    Sony has developed a recovery software to help you recover your TV set, in the event that you would be facing either of these symptoms. Please follow the below procedure to install the recovery software:

    1. Make sure you have a USB memory device at hand with at least 1 GB of memory and format it, selecting the FAT32 file system
    2. Download the recovery software package and unzip the file
    3. Copy the extracted file to the root directory of the formatted USB memory device
    4. Turn on the TV set
    5. Insert the USB memory device into the USB slot located at the side of the unit
    6. Pull out the power plug and wait for at least 10 seconds
    7. Reinsert the power plug
    8. Press the [Power] key to turn the unit on and:
      1. Confirm that the LED under the SONY logo at the bottom of the TV set turns on in green
      2. After 20 to 30 seconds, confirm that the LED starts blinking in amber colour. LED blinking indicates that the firmware update is installing

        IMPORTANT: During the firmware installation process, do not remove the USB device, switch off the TV set or remove the power plug.
    9. After 1 to 2 minutes, the LED should stop blinking. Press the [Power] key to turn on the TV

      If the SONY logo appears on the screen and the LED turns on in green, the recovery software installation was successful.
    10. Pull out the USB memory device from the TV
    11. Finally, we recommend updating to the latest firmware for your Bravia TV by going to this page and following the update instructions