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White backlight when viewing dark scenes

    All LCD TVs are backlighted from behind the panel in order to be able to show picture. To achieve high performance and picture clarity, Sony uses a bright backlight in TVs to deliver the brightest possible images, as well as exceptional clarity even in the darkest of image sources.

    Why does backlight bleeding occur?

    An unwanted effect of LCD technology is that the backlight is not completely smooth. Uneven backlight, also known as clouding, blooming, mura, banding and un-uniform brightness, is thus a common phenomenon on all LCD TVs. How visible the phenomenon is depends on factors such as the brightness and contrast settings being used and how bright the ambient light is in the room where the TV is situated. Also the temperature of the panel has an effect as certain materials slightly expand/shrink when temperature changes. New TVs can have increased backlight bleeding, which will gradually diminish after a few weeks/months of usage.

    This light source is most visible when viewing dark scenes or black picture in a dark environment. Below you can see some examples.

    Clouding Blooming

    Backlight bleeding

    How can I reduce backlight bleeding?

    To reduce backlight bleeding, you can try the following.

    • Almost all Sony LCD TVs have a Light Sensor which optimises the screen brightness by detecting the ambient light in your room. The screen brightness decreases if ambient lighting is dark and increases in a brighter room. You can save power consumption with an optimised picture brightness. Please turn the Light Sensor to ON by pressing the HOME button on your remote and select Settings > System settings > ECO / Light Sensor > Set to ON.
    • To reduce backlight and compensate picture dimming with brightness and contrast adjustments, press the Options button on the remote and select Picture > adjust.
    • Adjust the settings to Cinema. This will make the picture warmer (a slight more reddish tone). To select this press the Options button from the remote and select Scene Select > Cinema.
    • If your TV has LED Dynamic Control, this feature must not be disabled. LED Dynamic Control may for example be OFF when Picture setting is set to Custom. You can resolve this:
      • Either by pressing Options button on your remote and select Picture > change from Custom to Standard.
      • Or leave the set in Custom mode but within Picture setting select Advanced Settings and change LED Dynamic Control from OFF to Standard or High.
    • If above suggestions are not satisfactory, try different picture settings to adjust the picture to suit your personal taste and viewing conditions.


    For Android TV models

    • Picture Mode set to Standard:
      (Remote) Home > [Settings] > [Display] > [Picture] > [Picture Mode] > [Standard].
    • Light Sensor  set to On to automatically adjust picture brightness according to ambient light:
       (Remote) Home > [Settings] > [Display] > [Picture]  > [Light Sensor] > [On]
    • Reduce Brightness level:
      (Remote) Home > [Settings] > [Display] > [Picture] > [Brightness] > desired level.


    NOTE: All shipped Sony products have passed internal quality tests. Backlight bleeding that can only be seen in black images and in a dark or very dim room, must be considered within specifications. To our regret, claims for service or replacement cannot be accepted