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How to create a Wireless Multi-room group of audio devices using Music Center (SongPal) ?

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The Wireless Multi-room feature of the Music Center (SongPal) app lets you create groups of  compatible Sony wireless speakers and other audio devices to enjoy your music and other audio contents in several rooms simultaneously. You can choose to play the same content on a single group of speakers, or you can create several groups of speakers and play different content on each of them.


  • Check compatible devices.
  • Please make sure to check for possible updates available for the Music Center (SongPal) app and for your audio devices before trying to use Multi-room
  • In order to use the Wireless Multi-room feature with your audio devices, they must be connected, through Wi-Fi, to the same wireless network as your smartphone or tablet. Wireless Multi-room is not supported when using Bluetooth


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To enjoy the Wireless Multi-room feature of the Music Center (SongPal) app, you must first create at least one group of audio devices. You will then be able to play the same audio content on each of the speakers in your group(s) simultaneously.

Creating a Wireless Multi-room group of audio devices is easy - make sure the devices you want to use for the group are connected to the same network as your mobile device running the Music Center (SongPal) app and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a Speaker.


  2. Tap Group with other speakers.


  3. Tap Wireless Multi-room.

    Wireless Multi-room

  4. Check the devices you want to add to the group.

    Add device

  5. Confirm by selecting OK, and give a name to the group.

    Create group

  6. The group has been created.



To add or remove audio devices to your group later on, select Edit Group and check/uncheck the devices you wish to add or remove.

All that is left for you to do is to select a music/audio content source and enjoy it on your new Wireless Multi-room group.