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NS Setup App

About NS Setup App

    NS Setup allows simple and easy configuration of Sony network audio products.
    NS Setup also provides instructions on how to listen to music on those products.

    Please note:
    When starting to configure these products, please refer to their individual Quick Start Guides.

    NS Setup Support on the Sony Corporation Web Site


    1. What are the system requirements for using the NS Setup (CD-ROM) on my computer?
      System requirements to use the NS Setup:

      Wi-Fi needed.
      Windows® 7 
      Ultimate SP1 (32bit/64bit) / Professional SP1 (32bit/64bit) / Home Premium SP1 (32bit/64bit) / Home Basic SP1 (32bit/64bit) / Starter SP1

      Windows Vista®
      Ultimate SP2 (32bit/64bit) / Business SP2 (32bit/64bit) / Home Premium SP2 (32bit/64bit) / Home Basic SP2 (32bit/64bit)

      Windows® XP
      Professional SP3 (32bit) / Home SP3 / Media Center Edition SP3 / Media Center Edition 2004 SP3 / Media Center Edition 2005 SP3
    2. NS Setup doesn't function.
      Use the PC with an internal Wi-Fi wireless networking.
    3. Setup failure.
      • If using an external wireless LAN adapter(USB adapter etc),  setup may go wrong.
      • Depends on the security software,  setup may go wrong.
      • By the security strengthened Windows firewall of Windows Vista/7,  setup may go wrong.
      In these cases, try other method for wireless setup.
    4. It will be garbled if Font which is not installed in Windows is chosen as language. 
      Do not choose Font which is not installed in Windows.
      Choose the Font which is installed in Windows.