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How to change the name of a speaker connected with the Music Center (SongPal) app

    IMPORTANT: If the speaker supports Music Center (SongPal) Link, the name can be changed. Check the website below for more on compatible devices.
    Sony audio devices that can connect to Music Center (Songpal)

    Follow the steps below to change the name of the speaker.

    1. Connect the speaker and the mobile device on which Music Center (SongPal) is installed to the same WiFi network.
    2. Select the speaker you want to change the name from in Music Center (SongPal) app.
    3. Select Settings from the Music Source screen in the Music Center (SongPal) app.

    4. Select System.

    5. Select Network Device Name, and change to the desired name.
      NOTE: Single-byte alphanumeric characters and certain symbols can be used.