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The lower part of the image taken using the flash is dark.

    When taking photos with the supplied flash or the built-in flash, the light of the flash may be blocked by the lens, which may cause shadows on the lower part of the photo (if lenses such as SEL18200, SEL18200LE, etc., are used, the greater the shooting angle, the more the light will be blocked).

    Remove the lens hood and use the zoom on the telephoto side and shoot the subject from a greater distance to prevent shadows in the picture.

    If your camera is equipped with a shoe for accessories, it is also recommended that you use an optional external flash.


    • If you attach an A-mount lens using a Mount Adaptor, shadows may appear with many lenses even if the conditions above are satisfied.
    • The periphery of the image darkens if you are using a wide-angle lens that the flash cannot cover (e.g., SEL1018, etc.).