Article ID : 00068958 / Last Modified : 24/03/2016

What is MHEG?

    MHEG (M ultimedia and H ypermedia E xperts G roup)

    MHEG is a system for creating applications used on the UK digital terrestrial TV system (e.g. Freeview)

    The text services (red button) found on the BBC channels for example are MHEG applications, as are other similar interactive systems.

    Recent development of the MHEG-5 Interaction Channel (MHEG-IC), which enables an extension of broadcast interactive services to be delivered via an IP connection. (The internet).

    MHEG-5 can access and control video and audio streams; these can be delivered either via
    the usual broadcast methods or with the MHEG-IC extension, via the IP connection.

    Freeview HD internet channels (Hybrid channels)

    • There are some channels provided by Freeview HD that can only be accessed via the internet.
    • They will only be available to compatible Freeview HD internet TV models that are networked and connected to the internet. Some of these channels are subject to a subscription.
    • It is not possible to guarantee that all Freeview HD internet channels will operate on all Sony past and current internet TV products.
    • Freeview HD internet channels are not part of Sony's own BIV (Bravia Internet Video) or SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) internet network.
    • Freeview HD is a standard that came out in early 2010. As well as allowing high- definition TV channels it allows any compatible TV or set-top box to connect to the internet.  Some services require the latest version of the Freeview HD specification which is available on all devices released after April 2011.