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How to remove channel number, video text, or clock from TV screen

    IMPORTANT: This procedure will only remove channel information displayed by the television. Channel information being displayed from other sources, such as the broadcaster or a connected VCR or cable box, cannot be removed using this procedure.

    1. On the television remote control, press the TV FUNCTION button, if available, to set the remote control to control TV instead of other equipment's like VCR, DVD etc. You can skip this step if the remote control does not have a TV FUNCTION button.
    2. Press the DISPLAY button. The DISPLAY button may need to be pressed repeatedly to remove all the displayed channel information from the television screen.


    • The television will continue to display the channel number or video text if there is no signal source connected to the corresponding input. This is normal operation.
    • Additional information, settings, and reset procedures are available in the User Manual.