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How do I add favourite channels on my Sony Bravia TV?

    By adding frequently used items such as TV channels or applications to "favourites", you can quickly access them in the future.

    How to add a channel to favourites:

    1. Select a channel to add to favourites
    2. Press the [OPTIONS] button on the TV remote
    3. Select [Add to Favourites] by using the arrow buttons
      NOTE: Depending on the TV model and, in case of a digital channel, select [Edit Favourites]
    4. Use the arrow buttons to select [Add to favourites]

    How to add an application to favourites:

    1. Press the [HOME] button
    2. Select [Application], go to [All Applications] and choose the desired application
    3. Select [Add to Home Menu] using the arrow buttons

    How to access items added to favourites

    Press the [HOME] button, select [TV] / [Applications] and then choose the desired item.

    How to remove an item from favourites:

    • Display the item to delete, press the [OPTIONS] button, then select [Remove from favourites]
    • In case you want to remove an application, press the [HOME] button. Then select [Applications]. Choose the application you want to remove, press the [OPTIONS] button and select [Remove from Applications]
    • Depending on the model, in case of a digital channel, display the item to delete and press the [OPTIONS] button. Continue by selecting [Edit Favourites] and chose [Remove from Favourites]

    How to sort the list of applications:

    1. Press the [HOME] button
    2. Select [Applications] using the arrow buttons
    3. Select the desired item and press the [OPTIONS] button
    4. Select [Move Application]
    5. You can then move the selected application and move it around in the sorting applications screen by using the arrow buttons.